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OBGYN in Albany Park

OBGYN Services in Albany Park Illinois

Routine Gynecological Exams

At Womens Health Group Chicago, we understand the importance of regular gynecological check-ups for women in Albany Park. Our routine gynecology exams are designed to monitor your health and detect any potential issues early on. These exams often include Pap smears, breast examinations, pelvic exams and assessments of family history and lifestyle. Beyond these preventative measures, our knowledgeable team is also here to answer questions about menstrual cycles, birth control methods or any other concerns you may have.

Pregnancy Care and Delivery

Expecting a baby can be an exciting time for women residing in Albany Park; however it does come with its own set of challenges. At Womens Health Group Chicago, we provide comprehensive pregnancy care services ensuring both mother and baby remain healthy throughout the entire period. In addition to routine prenatal care appointments, we offer genetic testing, ultrasound scans and resources aimed at equipping you with all necessary information as you prepare for delivery.

Menopause Management

When it comes to the management of menopause symptoms affecting Albany Park residents like hot flashes or mood swings,, trust Womens Health Group Chicago to provide evidence-based solutions tailored uniquely for every woman according her needs and conditions.. We know that transitioning through this phase requires understanding & ample support; hence our experienced practitioners work closely with each client providing customized hormone replacement therapies along with cognitive-behavioral therapy options which significantly help in managing these overwhelming transitions.

Gynecological Surgeries

As part of our wide-ranging healthcare services across Albany Park region, we at Womens Health Group Chicago offer various surgical interventions options – from minimally invasive procedures like hysteroscopy or laparoscopy to more complex surgeries such hysterectomy- depending upon patient’s conditions & requirements. Safety & well-being being paramount considerations our competent surgeons marry their skills with advanced technological tools ensuring highest degree of precision with minimal post-op recovery time.

Cancer Screenings

Providing peace of mind to women living in Albany Park, Womens Health Group Chicago offers comprehensive cancer screenings conducted by our experienced team. We keep ourselves abreast with all latest guidelines & advancements related to cancer warning signs and testing modalities helping early diagnosis that increases effective treatment options. From cervical cancer screening through Pap tests & HPV vaccines to breast mammography or colonoscopy, we strive for effective prevention strategies for every woman under our care.

Sexual Health and Reproductive Counseling

At Womens Health Group Chicago, we believe sexual health forms inherent part of overall well-being often requiring specialized medical advice or consultation around family planning choices / contraceptive usage / dealing with infertility issues etc.

Our reproductive counseling services are aimed towards guiding you towards making informed decisions about your body providing expert guidance on wide range of topics. Our patients in Albany Park can rely us for open & non-judgmental conversations regarding their sexual health needs proving beyond any doubt the extent how much value Womens Health Group Chicago places on total wellbeing of community it serves.

Your Doctors

Michael Awad, DO

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Alexis Schnakenburg, PA-C

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Accepted Insurance Providers

Listed are the major insurance providers we accept. For more information regarding specific plans, please call our office.

Why Choose Us?

Decades of Experience

Celebrating over 30 years of unwavering service, the Women's Health Group prides itself on a rich history of providing comprehensive and compassionate medical care to women in and around area. Our long-standing presence is a testament to our deep commitment to excellence and expertise in women's health.

Expertise Across the Spectrum

The Albany Park-based team of physicians and staff brings a wealth of experience and expertise across the entire spectrum of Gynecology and Obstetrics. From routine care to specialized treatments, our skilled professionals are equipped to address a wide range of women's health needs for Albany Park residents.

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Cutting-Edge Medical Techniques

We stay at the forefront of medical advancements, offering state-of-the-art and safest medical techniques and treatments in Albany Park. Whether it's complex obstetrical conditions or innovative robotic and laparoscopic surgeries, our commitment to staying current ensures you receive the best care available.

Holistic Wellness Approach

Beyond traditional medical care, our Albany Park clinic adopts a holistic approach that takes into account not just your physical health, but your overall wellness and beauty as well. Our practice extends past symptom management, seeking to enhance your quality of life on multiple levels in Albany Park.

Leadership and Community Engagement

Our lead physician, exemplifies our dedication to leadership and community engagement. With a distinguished career characterized by research contributions and academic appointments, Dr. Mike embodies our commitment to education and advancing medical knowledge. By choosing us in Albany Park, you're becoming a part of a community that contributes to the broader landscape of women's health.

Personalized Care and Compassion

At Albany Park's Women's Health Group, you're not just a patient; you're an individual with unique needs and concerns. Our personalized approach ensures that each Albany Park resident receives tailored care that addresses your specific circumstances. Coupled with our compassionate staff, you'll find a welcoming and supportive environment that fosters trust and comfort in our Albany Park clinic.

Women's Health Services in Albany Park


Experienced OBGYN services covering a range of women's health needs, from routine exams to complex gynecological issues, with a focus on compassionate care.

Birth Control

Comprehensive birth control counseling and a variety of options, including pills, implants, and IUDs, tailored to individual health needs and lifestyle

Pap Smear

Regular Pap smear screenings to detect cervical changes early, using the latest technology for accuracy and comfort in women's preventive health care.


Advanced diagnostic techniques and personalized treatment plans for endometriosis, including medication management and minimally invasive surgical options

Prenatal Care

Comprehensive prenatal care for expectant mothers, offering nutritional guidance, health monitoring, and support throughout pregnancy for a healthy birth.


Expert surgical care for hysterectomy procedures, focusing on minimally invasive techniques for faster recovery and optimal women's health outcomes.


Innovative infertility treatments and supportive care, including IVF, IUI, and fertility preservation, to help couples achieve their dream of parenthood.

STD Testing

Confidential and comprehensive STD testing and counseling, utilizing the latest testing methods to ensure accurate and timely sexual health management.

Hormone Replacement

Personalized hormone replacement therapy to address menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and improve overall quality of life for women.


Expert insertion and management of IUDs, offering a long-term, reversible birth control option that is highly effective and convenient for women.

Physical Therapy

Comprehensive birth control counseling and a variety of options, including pills, implants, and IUDs, tailored to individual health needs and lifestyle.

Women's Health Clinic

A dedicated women's health clinic providing a full spectrum of services including screenings, treatments, and wellness education in a supportive environment.

Patient Reviews:

Liv Story
Liv Story
My appointment was at the location off Harlem— The easiest, and most positive experience I’ve ever had at an annual exam! The entire team was friendly and welcoming. I was taken care of in one visit and on with my day in no time! I am excited to have established practice with Women’s Health Group
Amanda Suffern
Amanda Suffern
Dr.Mike is amazing. He listens, has solutions and follows through. I travel over an hour to see him and I wouldn’t change it for anything.
Lisa Rourke
Lisa Rourke
I've been coming to Dr. Awad and Dr. Mike for over 30 years. Never had a bad experience and actually look forward to chatting with them both. I was a little sad and nervous when I was told Dr. Mike was unavailable today (delivering babies!) so I saw Dr. Lexi. I should have known Dr. Mike would only hire the best to work with him. Dr. Lexi was kind and knowledgeable. She asked all the right questions and was very gentle. Great staff as well.
Katherine Briggith Castillo Estupiñan
Katherine Briggith Castillo Estupiñan
I am very grateful for Dr. Michael's work with ethics and love, it has been a blessing in the birth of my baby, a wonderful labor process! Thank you!
Brenda Burton
Brenda Burton
Excellent care. Pt.centered care where you are treated like family.
Tessa Lopez
Tessa Lopez
Dr Awad and Dr Lexy are the best in town! I just simply feel comfortable and well taken care of. All the team is amazing and very welcoming.