Our approach to prenatal care is holistic, marrying the latest medical protocols with a deep-rooted philosophy of empathy, empowerment, and education. Pregnancy, an exquisite blend of biological marvel and personal journey, is undoubtedly one of life’s most transformative experiences. As the body nurtures a new life, it undergoes a symphony of changes, each demanding meticulous attention and care. At the Women’s Health Group, under the expert guidance of Dr. Awad, we understand the significance of this pivotal chapter. At Women’s Health Group, we believe every expectant mother deserves a personalized prenatal experience. Our dedicated team tailors care to each individual’s needs, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout the journey.




The Essence of Prenatal Care

Beginning Right with Preconception Counseling

Even before you conceive, understanding your body, addressing any health issues, and optimizing wellness sets the stage for a healthier pregnancy.

Regular Monitoring

Scheduled check-ups allow us to track the development of the fetus, monitor maternal health, and address any concerns promptly.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition during pregnancy is pivotal. From understanding caloric needs to supplements like folic acid, our guidance ensures both maternal and fetal nutritional requisites are met.

Screenings & Tests – Safeguarding Health

Initial Blood Work

Provides insights into overall health, blood type, Rh factor, anemia risk, and potential infections.


Essential to visualize fetal development, estimate gestational age, and identify any anomalies.

Advanced Screenings

For high-risk pregnancies or those over 35, additional tests like amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling might be recommended

Addressing the Physical & Emotional

Body Changes & Discomforts

From morning sickness to back pain, pregnancy brings a suite of discomforts. Our team offers strategies to alleviate these, ensuring optimal comfort.

Emotional Well-being

Hormonal changes can influence emotions. We emphasize mental health, offering support and resources to navigate the emotional waves of pregnancy.

Special Situations & High-Risk Pregnancies

Understanding Risks

Certain factors, such as maternal age, medical history, or multiple pregnancies, can categorize a pregnancy as high-risk. We're equipped to provide specialized care.

Advanced Monitoring & Interventions

This might entail more frequent ultrasounds, specialized tests, or consultations with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Educational Workshops & Classes

Preparing for childbirth and parenthood is as much about knowledge as it is about physical readiness. Our center offers

Childbirth Education

Equip yourself with knowledge about the stages of labor, pain management options, and the postpartum period.

Breastfeeding Workshops

Understand the basics, benefits, and troubleshooting techniques of breastfeeding.

Newborn Care Classes

Dive into essentials like diapering, swaddling, and basic infant CPR.

Partnership & Family Involvement

We believe in an inclusive approach, recognizing that pregnancy is an experience for partners and families too. We encourage

Partner Participation

From attending appointments to workshops, partners play an integral role.

Family Briefings

For those keen, we facilitate sessions where extended family can be apprised of the expectant mother's journey and how best they can support.

Pregnancy is more than a physiological event; it’s a dance of emotions, aspirations, dreams, and sometimes, apprehensions. At Women’s Health Group, our mission is to ensure this dance is as graceful and joyful as possible. With Dr. Awad’s profound expertise and our team’s unwavering commitment, we stand beside you in every step of this beautiful journey, nurturing hopes, addressing concerns, and celebrating milestones. Together, we weave a story of health, happiness, and the magic of new beginnings.