In the intricate realm of reproductive health, the choice of birth control stands out as one of the most personal and significant decisions a woman makes. At the Women’s Health Group, guided by Dr. Awad, we understand the gravity of this choice. Recognizing that each woman’s journey is unique, colored by her aspirations, health considerations, lifestyle, and experiences, we strive to create an environment that offers more than just medical advice. We seek to be a haven of knowledge, empathy, and understanding. Our dedicated team is not only well-versed in the latest advancements in birth control methods but is also committed to ensuring that every woman receives the personalized guidance she deserves.




Exploring the Multifaceted World of Birth Control Options:

Birth Control Pills

Restoring mobility and function through specialized treatments.

Combination Pills

Contains both estrogen and progestin and works by suppressing ovulation.

Progestin-only Pills

Ideal for those who can't take estrogen.

Extended-Cycle Pills

Designed to reduce the number of periods a woman has annually.

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

These tiny, T-shaped devices offer long-term but reversible protection.

Hormonal IUDs

Typically last between 3-7 years, releasing progestin to prevent ovulation and thicken cervical mucus.

Copper IUDs

With a lifespan of up to 10 years, they repel sperm, preventing it from reaching an egg.


More than just a convenience, these matchstick-sized rods offer consistent protection for up to three years, releasing a steady stream of hormones.

Additional Methods

These tiny, T-shaped devices offer long-term but reversible protection.


A weekly solution, these patches release hormones that get absorbed through the skin, preventing ovulation.


A quarterly solution, offering longer-term peace of mind.

Barrier Methods

Diaphragms, condoms, and more, provide chemical-free options, serving dual purposes: contraception and protection from STIs.

Vaginal Rings

Worn for three weeks at a time, they offer a balanced release of hormones.

Deep Dive into Hormonal vs. Non-Hormonal Choices

Hormonal Methods

While they offer excellent efficacy rates, it's crucial to discuss potential side effects. From potential weight gain to mood fluctuations, our consultations ensure you're aware of all possible outcomes.

Non-Hormonal Methods

Perfect for those with hormonal sensitivities or specific health concerns. Their effectiveness is often comparable to hormonal counterparts, but their mode of action is vastly different.

Birth Control's Vast Influence on Holistic Health:

It’s a myth that birth control solely influences reproductive health:

Hormonal Health

From potentially easing menstrual cramps to regulating cycles, birth control can be a game-changer.

Therapeutic Uses

Some birth controls assist in managing conditions such as hirsutism, heavy menstrual bleeding, or even certain ovarian cysts.

Lifestyle Integration

From options that integrate seamlessly into a hectic lifestyle to those that cater to women seeking natural solutions, our guidance ensures a harmonious fit.

Our Pledge for Continuous Support

Birth control is a journey, not a destination. Whether it’s addressing concerns, transitioning between methods, or simply seeking reassurance, our doors and communication lines are always open

Advancements and Innovations in Birth Control

The world of birth control isn’t static. New research brings forward innovative solutions, from improved hormonal therapies to tech-integrated fertility monitoring. We pledge to stay at the forefront, ensuring our patients access the pinnacle of reproductive health advancements.

Navigating the vast avenues of reproductive health can often feel daunting. The choices made here have ripples that extend beyond the immediate, influencing various facets of a woman’s life, from her immediate well-being to long-term health goals. At the Women’s Health Group, our commitment extends beyond the walls of our clinic. We aim to be a steadfast companion on your reproductive health journey, ensuring that every step you take is made with confidence, informed understanding, and the reassurance that a team of experts is always by your side, championing your choices and well-being.